What Clients Say About VIP Help Me

We pride ourselves on the working relationships we build with our clients. We are very proud knowing that 73% of our business comes from client referrals. As important as it is that most of our business comes from client referrals, so too is what clients say about VIP Help Me:

Without hesitation, I highly recommend using Virtual Independent Paralegals for all your legal, litigation and business support needs. The ability to utilize Virtual Independent Paralegals was an invaluable resource to our law firm and to our clients. VIP's expertise has contributed to a successful result for our clients. What they were able to perform was beyond all our expectations. They truly were the integral part that created a clear, concise and powerful case for our clients. Many firms shy away from the use of outsourcing paralegal services, but I can attest that VIP was ALWAYS there real-time, giving the responsiveness I needed and expected. Their hard work, long hours day and night, as well as overall trial support provided was invaluable and seamless. The work product was professional and the turn-around time and rates were impressive. We know we can always count on Virtual Independent Paralegals to be there at a moment's notice. And so should you.

Tom Fitzpatrick, Partner, The Talmadge Fitzpatrick Law Group

VIP provided fantastic paralegal support to me on a very complex and document intensive case. I could not have managed the material without their first-class assistance. Best of all, VIP always communicated with me about my case objectives. They made appropriate independent decisions but also worked collaboratively to ensure my needs were met.

Daron Morris , Deputy Director and Felony Supervisor, The Defender Association

VIP's deposition services have been extremely reliable and efficient. The company has accepted many different tasks and has completed them with the utmost professionalism and quality, not to mention the most incredible turnaround time with each project. We are completely impressed with their services and would recommend any business utilize their services. Lastly, their costs are extremely reasonable. Do not hesitate to call upon them for any project.

Connie J. Tang , Paralegal / Administrator

Virtual Independent Paralegals are true lifesavers. They are experts at doing medical summaries. We are a national insurance company and use them exclusively for all of our medical summaries. Our in-house staff was unable to produce the quality results we get with VIP. They have an established protocol that generates a superior work product that is unmatched. We highly recommend them!

Amy Pandell , Office Administrator, In-House Law Office / National Insurance Company

Living in today's economy, many large companies such as ours are forced to reduce staff in order to save costs. Having Virtual Independent Paralegals on our side providing us with the greatest quality medical record summaries I've ever seen is truly a relief. Their amazing turnaround time, rates and eye for detail cannot be matched. We are very lucky to have found Virtual Independent Paralegals!

Anonymous General Counsel, In-House Law Office for a National Insurance Company

The level of professionalism balanced with the level of expertise in the field of insurance defense is quite impressive. Not only are they our sole source for medical summaries and chronologies, they have also assisted us with finding expert witnesses. My only regret is not having found them sooner.

Robert Bowman In-House Attorney, National Insurance Defense Firm

When it comes to medical record summaries, there is no greater resource than VIP. My firm needed a summary done for a particular case and after several failed attempts from other outsourcing companies, we decided to give VIP a try. We haven't looked back since! They exceeded all our expectations and completed it in half the time it took others! Thank you VIP!

Anonymous In-House Counsel , National Insurance Carrier

Other "contract paralegals" claim to be experienced but none even come close to matching VIP's experience, reliability and incredible work ethic. VIP is the real deal. When they say "Work Done Now!" they're not kidding. In addition, the work was not only "Done Now!", but "Done Right!

Anonymous Senior Claims Adjuster , National Insurance Carrier

Thank you, again! I'm so impressed with your turn around time that I'm definitely keeping you in mind for all future projects.

Anonymous Corporate Counsel , Fortune 500 Corporation

With a rapidly approaching deadline and a document review project well over 125,000 pages our staff was not going to be able to handle this assignment. We were fortunate to have found VIP. They not only worked around the clock and met our deadline, but they also assisted us in raising some excellent questions and arguments for our case. Truly outstanding!

Anonymous Regional Director , Government Municipality

Simply put… you're wasting valuable time and money looking elsewhere. VIP has proven time and time again they can handle anything thrown their way regardless of size or complexity.

Felicia Henderson Senior Paralegal, Philadelphia, PA Insurance Defense Firm

Our firm handles a very large caseload & having VIP Help Me on our side producing all our medical record summaries is vital for us to staying ahead. Exceptionally thorough and detailed every time! Their expertise and turnaround time is remarkable.

Anonymous In-House Attorney , National Insurance Defense Firm

WOW! Thank you so much! Our company has used others before to generate these med sums, but none compare to what you've done for us! We definitely have you on speed dial!

Kaitlin Ward , Third Party Administrator

Five years and several hundred medical summaries later, VIP still delivers an amazing work product. I have grown accustomed to measuring others by the high standards I always receive with VIP. Their professionalism and outstanding quality is a cut above the rest.

William Feltman Managing Director, In-House Law Firm for National Insurance Carrier

VIP handled two massive redaction projects at one time and when a third came in I inquired to see if they could take it on. They did and with flying colors. All three met their respective deadlines with amazing results.

Gerald Knight Firm Administrator, New York City, NY Corporation

You're ability to capture everything in these summaries is amazing! I'm so glad I found your ad and am already spreading the recommendation to all my colleagues.

Anonymous General Counsel , Chicago, IL Insurance Defense Firm

Thank you very much! I must say I was reluctant at first because I wasn't sure how this would work, but having seen the results and experiencing how easy you've made working with a "virtual" contractor out to be, I'm very happy! You definitely have a new client!

Anonymous Senior Claims Adjuster , National Insurance Carrier

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