Why Use VIP Help Me?

Experience VIP Help Me has vast knowledge and experience working in the legal, medical and corporate industries. We strive to provide the best litigation and paralegal support by continuing to learn, staying informed and being ready to take on any project.

Quality VIP Help Me takes pride in the quality of its work product. Our work product is just one of the many examples that sets VIP Help Me apart. We never compromises quality. If there is a “smoking gun” or “needle in the haystack”, we will find it. With a keen eye for detail, we leave no stone unturned. It is our substantive quality standards that motivate clients to use us again and again.

Trust One of the most common concerns a client has is: “Can I trust that a paralegal in a virtual setting will protect my data and complete my project?” The trust factor plays a critical role on whether or not a client is comfortable using a virtual paralegal. VIP Help Me takes this concern very seriously. We demonstrate this understanding by doing everything possible to ensure clients are comfortable knowing we have their back and they have our support. Trust is one of the fundamental qualities that sets VIP Help Me apart from other virtual paralegals. In fact, we have supported several long-standing clients for over a decade now that we have never met in person. We are very proud knowing that 73% of our business comes from client referrals.

Responsiveness VIP Help Me has the ability to adapt to the ever changing business, technology and legal landscapes. We understand the importance of maintaining up-to-date safeguards and security measures as well as exhibiting strict confidentiality at all times when it comes to handling highly sensitive information and documents.

Communication Communication is essential in any situation. So is listening to and hearing what our clients have to say. Clear real-time and ongoing communication with our clients helps drive VIP Help Me’s success. Through this communication, we have the ability to course-correct in real-time when the nature of a case or issues narrow or change through discovery or trial. We also have the ability to immediately stop all production when cases settle.

Value Unlike traditional employment and the overhead costs associated with it, such as health insurance, vacation time, payroll tax, sick leave, the need for technology, training, and use of office equipment, or worse, the risks of on-the-job injuries, contracting with a virtual paralegal immediately eliminates all of that. Clients only use VIP Help Me when needed and pay only for the project they assigned VIP Help Me to complete.

Commitment – VIP Help Me is committed to providing clients exceptional litigation and paralegal support services and the highest quality substantive work product. We are committed to earning our client’s trust, meeting needs, exceeding expectations, and achieving the best results possible. We are committed to being a loyal and trustworthy ally that clients can depend on.

Availability – VIP Help Me will always be there to support clients any day or time. Whether it is 4:59 pm on a Friday afternoon, a weekend, a holiday, once a week, once a month, or even once a year, we will always be there ready to work for you.

VIP Help Me is widely known for:

  • Not being a recruiter, staffing agency, freelancer or overseas vendor
  • Per project support with no long term commitment
  • Highly qualified to work on any project
  • Proven results: consistent, accurate and efficient
  • Competitive rates and volume discounts
  • Quick response time
  • Unparalleled turnaround time
  • Unrivaled availability
  • Clearly defined statements of work and project scope
  • Real-time open and ongoing communication
  • Comprehensive conflicts of interest database
  • Established policies and procedures
  • Superior work product templates
  • Quality assurance review
  • Non-disclosure and strict confidentiality
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Various safeguards and security measures to protect sensitive data
  • Built on the foundation of “No Apologies, No Excuses”
  • Earned the reputation for getting “Work Done Now”
  • Majority of business comes from repeat clients and client referrals

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Services are NOT offered to the general public. We are not licensed attorneys and do not practice law nor give legal advice. If you have a particular matter and do not have an attorney representing you, we are unable to assist you.